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n.1.(Zool.) The pintail duck.
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However, the first report (Goode 1877) of Mola mola (as M rotunda) from Bermuda was actually based on misidentification of a third species, the Sharptail Mola, Masturus lanceolatus (Lenard 1840).
Between deer hunts, we'd dropped plenty of Hungarian partridge and sharptail grouse for Rocky, my yellow Lab, to retrieve.
Important species: Besides the endangered Fender's blue butterfly and threatened Kincaid's lupine, the preserve is home to species of concern such as the western gray squirrel, sharptail snake, southern alligator lizard, horned lark, western meadowlark and Taylor's checkerspot butterfly.
She was a partridge and sharptail dog, and had never been on a duck hunt.
In addition to well-established Eurasian birds such as Hungarian and chukar partridge and pheasants, we have ruffed, blue, spruce, sharptail and sage grouse.
However, on the way to camp we did see six ruffed grouse, five sharptail grouse, and one deer bounding across an open marsh, and as the hunt unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of deer sightings and the unique behavior of these whitetails.
On the one hand, you have the uplands: home to the ruffed grouse and the woodcock, the ringneck pheasant, the bobwhite quail, and just possibly sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge, too.
The sharptail population was the highest it had been in five years--another direct result from the highly successful CRP program.
Early fall found me pursuing waterfowl and sharptail grouse in Watrous, Saskatchewan.
It often was an endurance contest, including a snowshoe trek into a sharptail grouse lek during which the diminutive Nop got stuck so tightly in a snowdrift that he had to be winched loose.
We will enjoy a lifetime of pursuing grouse and woodcock in Ontario and the UP along with trips west for pheasant, sharptail and huns," says his owner, Frank Matejka of Sault Ste.