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(ʃəˈriːə) or


(Islam) the body of canonical law based on the Koran that lays down certain duties and penalties for Muslims
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Noun1.sharia - the code of law derived from the Koran and from the teachings and example of Mohammed; "sharia is only applicable to Muslims"; "under Islamic law there is no separation of church and state"
fatwa - a ruling on a point of Islamic law that is given by a recognized authority
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
hudood, hudud - Islamic laws stating the limits ordained by Allah and including the deterrent punishments for serious crimes


sharia [ʃəˈriːə]
ncharia f
modif [law, court] → de la charia
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We're proud to support the organization's invaluable work in helping the families and colleagues of fallen officers rebuild their lives," said Streamlight President and CEO Ray Sharrah.
The session, titled 'Ramadan Cartoons', brought together three creative Emirati and Kuwaiti artists: director Mohammed Saeed Harib, creator of the hit TV series Freej; illustrator and director Abdullah Mohammed Al Sharhan; and actress Intisar Al Sharrah.
Sharrah, 29, quipped, "I lucked out convincing Eliza to paint the living room Seahawks blue.
ALTOGETHER 5,000 medical terms were translated into Arabic language by the Arabization Center for Medical Sciences (ACMS) in 2014, taking the total number translated medical terminology by the Centre to 64,000 since 2009, ACMS assistant secretary general at the Council of Arab Ministers of Health in the Arab League Dr Yaqoub al Sharrah has revealed.
Sharrah had been a board member of Springfield-based ICM, the parent of CodeBlue LLC and HSG LLC, which provide outsourced management of claims for property and casualty insurers.
Sharrah Kapadia, account executive of Total communications, also said that the event was organised with the intention of having a fun day out for both parents and children in order to lighten up the atmosphere of going back to school.
Jerry focuses on our customers first, always striving to provide a hassle-free claims experience," said Esurance Chief Claims Officer Wayne Sharrah.
A study performed by locally-based Sharrah Design Group determined that up to 2,627,713 square feet could be built, according to director Lisa Ann Pollakowski and senior managing director Alice P.
Take a wild swim in Sharrah Pool on Dartmoor is a 100 metre crystal clear stretch of the River Dart, sandwiched between smooth granite boulders.