She can't move

She can't move   
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Until she learns to love the man she has every reason to abandon in his hour of need, she can't move on.
The peachy eyes and bright red lips are a bit over the top and Kristen's auburn locks are so severely straightened she looks like she can't move her head Having made her name with the comedy Bridesmaids, we imagine Kristen is wary of anything that makes her look like she is attending a wedding but we think even orange taffeta would have been preferable to this.
She also gets sleep paralysis which is very scary, when she wakes up she can't move and she fears she will be left paralysed permanently.
Debbie decides she can't move on until she's faced Chas, so she visits her in prison.
She can't move at all, so there's no way for her to participate.
Pleasant Street, caller reports that her cat is stuck under furniture that she can't move.
Child psychologist Dr Anne Greig says she can't move on until she has done all she can to stop another patient suffering the same fate as Gordon, who died four years ago.
Rakie, who trained at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, said she is amazed by the popularity of her character among young, black people and said she can't move for fans when she goes to places like Brixton, Woolwich and Tottenham.
Jessica has been sedated because of the pain, but she can't move her legs.
She can't move from point A to B without being stopped.