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n.1.(Zool.) Same as Sheelfa.
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Extensive research has been carried out on the positive impact of UPH on students' academic outcomes (Foubert, Tepper, and Morrison 1998; Li, Sheely, and Whalen 2005; Macintyre 2003; Schroeder, Mable, and Associates 1994; Tinto 1996).
Rachelle Sheely said, "We not only invite autistic child's parents but we also invite their teachers and principals.
Rodriguez, CAM Reynolds Place Greensboro NC Stephanie Rusnak, CAM Landmark Apartment -Arlington TX Trust Jason Sheely, CAM, NALP Murry Management Lancaster PA Jaclyn Siebel, CAM University City Bryn Mawr PA Housing Andrew Thomas, CAM Sentinel Real Estate Aurora IL Kristin Turner, CAM Landmark Apartment Snellville GA Trust Shannon Tutor, CAM Beacon/SOCAYR Paducah KY Ashley Van Diemen, CAM Cary Pines Cary NC Teresa VanderMyde, CAM Shoreline Landing Norton MI Apts.
Groomsmen were Trey Bolling of Atlanta, Georgia; Evan Tyler of Houston, Texas; William Moorer of Mobile, Alabama; Sam Sheely of Longview, Texas; and Taylor Butler of Austin, Texas.
1926 -- Earl Sheely of the Chicago White Sox hit three doubles and a home run against the Boston Red Sox.
3) Despite the best efforts of doctors to relieve the swelling in his brain, Sheely remained in a coma for six days before passing away.
Chen, Lupi, An, Sheely, Vina and Liu (2011) present an agent-based simulation model to demonstrate the evolution and impacts of social norms on the enrollment of agricultural land in a PES program.
Each of the following student members have received a $1,000 scholarship: Jenna Akerley, Corinth Central School, Andrea Brenner, Shenendehowa High School, James Campbell, Saratoga Springs High School, and Rebecca Sheely, Schuylerville High School.
Language shift (LS) is a gradual reduction in the use of one's mother tongue in favour of the dominant language (dyne 2003 cited in Hatoss and Sheely 2009) whereas language maintenance (LM) involves conscious efforts and strategies to prevent this from happening (Holmes et at.
Amanda Sheely, PhD, MSW, MPH, is assistant professor, School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 325 Pittsboro Street, CB 3550, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3550; e-mail: asheely@email.
Giacoboni was nominated by Lyn Sheely of Sewell, Samaritan's Manager of CHHAs and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) because she meets the criteria established by other home health and hospice aides nationwide.