Sheep run

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an extensive tract of country where sheep range and graze.

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As the British factories are shut up, they will be replaced by villas; the manufacturing districts will become fashionable resorts for capitalists living on the interest of foreign investments; the farms and sheep runs will be cleared for deer forests.
Next door, you'll find the outdoor animal races, with the farm hands carrying buckets of feed to make the sheep run like woolly greyhounds.
The sheep run away and Phillips picks up the ball, before appearing in a separate shot wearing a beret and holding a shepherd's crook.
They include an organised sheep run down the high street in Glastonbury, a group of quirky ladies planning to knit cakes on their day trip to France to leave in Paris patisseries, and a solitary wool-lover knitting socks for Christmas on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay.
Portraying life on her Canterbury sheep run in 1873, Lady Mary Anne Barker introduces a chapter entitled 'Our Pets' by distinguishing between dogs, cats, horses and fowls--all of whom possess 'individuality', the capacity necessary for them to be companions of humans--and sheep, who do not:
Employed on the Australia - Singapore - Penang cattle and sheep run, she also carried 196 passengers in luxury Picture: JOHN LOVELL, via email
face, the slow seconds of our sheep run, our shrieks that shot
Soay sheep registered with SOA and run in a Wild Flock System have equal status and value as sheep run in the Standard Flock System.
The lifestyle was simpler back then - children entertained themselves with games of Run Sheep Run, a variation of hide and seek, and adults got together to play cards.
The keen-eyed Lady Barker, famous for her social history of life on a vast South Island sheep run of the pioneering 1860s, yet fulfills the criteria for a short story in her anecdote.
said Robyn Kippenberger, head of the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which opposed the planned sheep run.