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(ʃəˌhɛr əˈzɑ də, -ˈzɑd, -ˌhɪər-)

(in The Arabian Nights' Entertainments) the wife of the sultan of India, who relates such interesting tales nightly that the sultan spares her life.
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Directed by Walid Aouni, who is the Director of the Cairo Opera House Modern Dance Theatre Group whose members will be performing in the dance tableaux inspired by Korsakov's music, the dancers will also perform to the musical compositions of Iraqi Oud player Naseer Shamma and the Oyoun Sheherazade group, which he established in Cairo in 1999.
Sir Charles Mackerras will conduct the CBSO in Berlioz's best-known work, the Symphony Fantastique, on November 17, along with Ravel's Sheherazade (sung by Joan Rodgers) and La Valse.
Nothing funny about Maurice Bejart's new Sheherazade, performed at the festival of Saint-Florent-le-Vieil by Berlin Ballet.
Sheherazade Chamlou, vice president of sales and marketing, SGD North America, recently received the 2016 Coty Award for Professional Excellence from FIT'S MPS Alumni Association of "Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management" program.
Le plus beau choix dans ce sens est celui de Mostafa Derkaoui avec Les beaux jours de Sheherazade (1982).
Cela etant, [beaucoup moins que]le fond noir c'est la nuit, le moment oE Sheherazade raconte son histoire, mais j'aime aussi le support noir puisqu'il permet aux couleurs d'exprimer a haute voix.
Shakhoora Riding Centre Show Jumping League: 1 Ashraf Atabani / Uno; 2 Sara Al Mutawa / Bart; 3 Ashraf Atabani / Udrekus Shakhoora Riding Centre Dressage League Beginner Preliminary Juniors: 1 Mohammed Al Riffai / Quest; 2 Aaliah Al Shahry / Shakhoora Cassie; 3 Sheherazade Al Shahry / Shakhoora Dumbledore Beginner Preliminary Adults: 1 Jerry Taylor / Airforce; 2 Tory Cowx / Sultan; 3 Ashling Donnolly / Shakhoora Chamlan Preliminary: 1 Sara Al Mutawa / Bart; 2 Yulia Frolova / Dream; 3 Tory Cowx / Sultan Novice: 1 Valerie Puls / Pippa; 2nd Zain Al Thawadi / Glasur; 3 Trish Fryer / Asgoodasgold Elementary: 1 Valerie Puls / Pippa; 2 Zain Al Thawadi / Glasur; 3 Manon Puls / Koma Shakhoora Riding Centre will host its second show jumping competition of the league on January 20.
Violinist Martyn Jackson will join the orchestra at this point as guest leader to portray the story-teller, Sheherazade .
The environmental campaigner and his wife Sheherazade will have their divorce finalised in the High Court this morning.
Christine Rice was the soloist for the three songs of Sheherazade which reveal Ravel's fascination with the oriental and exotic.
The voice and piano version of Maurice Ravel's Sheherazade is not as familiar as the highly evocative orchestral setting.
Let's hope that this is a one-off for the sake of his kids and beautiful wife Sheherazade.