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 (shĭ-kē′nə, -KHē′-, -kī′-)
n. Judaism
A visible manifestation of the divine presence as described in Jewish theology.

[Mishnaic Hebrew šəkînâ, from Hebrew šākan, to dwell; see škn in Semitic roots.]
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In this sense, when raising the seder plate, one is being blessed by the Shekhina (The Talmud defines the Shekhina as the Divine which lives within the world, on earth with the Jewish people and accompanies them when they are exiled), in addition to enjoying the Shekhina's presence at your Seder table.
praying before a lit candelabrum, praying to the Shekhina, a Hebrew word
No Talmude, nos textos judaicos sagrados e misticos, alem da Biblia aramaica, encontra-se uma "esposa" de Jeova que traz claramente a marca da Deusa, ela e Shekhina, ou Sofia, a sabedoria, e.
A estas contradicciones podemos agregar que se la haya comparado con la Shekhina del judaismo (Aizenberg 79 y ss.
Y el divino conjunto culmina con Malkuth, tambien concebida como la Shekhina.
40) The mysteries of phylacteries, fringes, and the Shekhina are part of this heritage, as are those of the rosary and Mary.
Isso explica como os israelitas administraram a existencia de sua identidade politica e religiosa durante milhares de anos de exilio, ele pontua: "Quando o povo de Israel estava exilado, a Shekhina (alma de Deus) acompanhou-os como prova de que eles nao estavam inteiramente abandonados por Deus (.
Now when a man attaches himself to the scholar, in whom the Shekhina dwells, he is ipso facto attached to Him in actuality.
His new book Shekhina is a collection of black and white photos of naked or partially clad women, draped in Jewish prayer shawls.
Leonard Nimoy, who played the pointy- eared Vulcan, is to publish a risque book of photography called Shekhina.
However, while in Jewish thought there are powerful positive female presences, especially the Shekhina, to counterbalance Lilith, and there the Adamah is a positively charged figure, that is not true of Blake's text, where "of the Female" has a negative meaning.