scripting language

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script·ing language

n. Computers
An interpreted language, especially one used to control other applications.
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The power, availability and ease-of-use of booter shell scripts has lowered the barrier to entry for launching a DDoS attack, putting attacks within reach of even novice hackers.
The algorithm has been installed on Linux using Shell Script and satisfies the requirements of ConvergeCast algorithm.
Before launching this shell script, you will need to make a tiny customization at the top of the above file:
The risk inherent in this exploit is that any compressed archive may contain such resource forks and metadata, and that decompressing an archive and double-clicking a resulting file can execute a shell script contained in the invisible_MACOSX folder.
Every code sample is 'live,' that is, each one is actually the result of a shell script that executes the Mercurial commands.
Supported scripts include PowerShell, Linux shell script, VBScript, JavaScript, CScript, Perl and Python.
For the less experienced the authors describe installation and configuration, desktop features, system administration, using the product as a server, programming Linux (including Mono and C/C++ tools for experienced users) and housekeeping such as performance tuning and writing and executing a shell script.
TextWrangler provides syntax coloring and source-code navigation for files in ANSI C, C++, Objective C, Fortran, Java, Object Pascal, Perl, Python, Rez, Tcl, TeX, and Unix shell script.
Then there's the SQL/NoSQL statements powering the database in an application, and Shell scripts and compiled C applications that power the machines that our application stack runs on.
In 32 chapters that include recommended reading and exercises rated for difficulty level, they cover the duties of the system administrator starting with writing shell scripts, and move on to identity management, network hardware, data center basics, and notably, "green" IT strategies.
The solution is designed for creation of standby database in DBS Oracle 10G working at Linux operating system, there are shell scripts in combination with PL/SQL scripts therefore used.
This is no light introduction: chapters delve into working with Python, writing shell scripts, managing DNS and much more--all the applications and routines the serious Linux engineer needs.