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a.1.Abounding with shells; consisting of shells, or of a shell.
Shrinks backward in his shelly cave.
- Shak.
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This is a small laundry, up country, belongs to Shelly Hot Springs, - hotel, you know.
He would send his trunk up to Shelly Hot Springs on Joe's ticket.
He arrived at Shelly Hot Springs, tired and dusty, on Sunday night.
It rests on ancient volcanic rocks, and has been covered by a stream of basalt, which must have entered the sea when the white shelly bed was lying at the bottom.
I may here mention, that on a part of the coast of Ascension, where there is a vast accumulation of shelly sand, an incrustation is deposited on the tidal rocks by the water of the sea, resembling, as represented in the woodcut, certain cryptogamic plants (Marchantiae) often seen on damp walls.
Shelly had been a hairdresser in Rhos on Sea and he worked at Hotpoint.
From snow cone purveyor at 18 to VP of a publicly traded trucking company at 34, Craig Shelly has come a long way.
It was just a month after getting the twins, on September 3, that Amy was forced to give up the precious babies she'd waited so long for after Shelly Baker, the surrogate mother who'd carried them for her, decided she wanted them back.
She married the love of her life, only to lose him a few weeks before her daughter Shelly was born.
Shelly Walsh bravely faced John Walsh as he sat in the dock and told him: "You are no longer my father.
No one knows this better than Shelly and Jeremy Allen.
I look at mother and baby as dance partners, both physically and emotionally," Shelly said.