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 (shĕ′vərd-näd′zə), Eduard Amvrosiyevich 1928-2014.
Georgian political leader who became head of state in 1992 and served as president (1995-2003). Formerly a Soviet politician and diplomat, he served as foreign minister (1985-1990) under Mikhail Gorbachev, in which role he normalized the Soviet Union's relations with the West after the Cold War.


(Biography) Eduard (Amvrosiyevich). 1928–2014, Georgian statesman; president of Georgia (1992–2003); Soviet minister of foreign affairs (1985–91), who played an important part in arms negotiations with the US


(ˌʃɛv ərdˈnɑd zə)

Eduard A., born 1928, Soviet foreign minister 1985–91; chairman of State Council of his native Georgian Republic since 1992.
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Former USSR Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze was president of which country from 1992 to 2003?
The British were forced to defend the paramilitary prison regime after Moscow's Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze handed over a list of cases.
Organisers defend such contests on the grounds that they only last a few seconds and the human participants are light, so no harm comes to the sheep, but the ASPCA (US equivalent of the RSPCA) is opposed, saying they "do not promote humane care and respect for animals" GEORGIA Honour guards carry the coffin of the deceased former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, covered by National flag, from his funeral service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi yesterday.
On the day I heard about the passing of former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, I was in Sigtuna, a tiny town where Sweden had its beginnings 1,000 years ago.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has sent a telegram of condolences to the family of former President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze in connection to his death.
EDUARD Shevardnadze, who died on Monday after a long illness, helped remake the world as the last foreign minister of the Soviet Union, only to be bundled from power, pale and confused, by the democratic forces his work had unleashed.
As foreign minister under the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, Shevardnadze oversaw the thaw in relations with the West before the Berlin Wall came down and the communist Soviet Union was dismantled.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Ambassador to Tbilisi Majid Saber and Georgia's former President Eduard Shevardnadze in a meeting on Saturday underlined enhancement of bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries.
Durante el mandato del segundo presidente Eduard Shevardnadze hubo varios motines politicos y conflictos belicos con los paises vecinos.
For our story, however, the big event was the "Rose Revolution" of 2003, which deposed President Eduard Shevardnadze after parliamentary elections that independent observers found riddled with fraud.
BIRTHDAYS: Eduard Shevardnadze, former leader of Georgia, 84; Angela Thorne, actress, 73; Tom Paulin, poet and critic, 63; Emma Freud, broadcaster, 50; David Ginola, former footballer, 45; Ana Ortiz, actress, 41; Alicia Keys (pictured), singer, 31; Francis Jeffers, footballer, 31.
Yet when a new government led by former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze came to power in 1995, it quickly canceled all previous energy contracts in order to make deals with larger, multinational companies.