shih tzu

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shih tzu

 (shē′ dzo͞o′)
A dog of a breed developed in China, probably from a Tibetan breed, having a long flowing coat, short legs, a square muzzle, and a tail that curls over the back.

[Mandarin shīzi (gǒu), lion (dog), shih tzu, from Middle Chinese ʂṛ tsẓ´, lion, from earlier *srij-tsəʔ, probably from Tocharian B ṣecake, lion (with the second syllable of the Tocharian word reanalyzed as the Old Chinese noun formative suffix *tsəʔ; see gyoza); akin to Tocharian A śiśäk, lion, of unknown origin.]

Shih Tzu

(ˈʃi ˈdzu)
one of a Tibetan breed of small dogs with a short muzzle, long ears, and a long luxuriant coat forming a mustache and beard.
[1945–50; < Chinese shīzi (gǒu) literally, lion (dog)]
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And in 1999, he accompanied her to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to select her first four-legged friend, shi tzu Harry.
The Shi Tzu pups, which are worth PS4550, and two lurchers were stolen on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Rob Magaling's Jack Russell Terrier Max, Maria Fe Erasmo's Shi tzu Macbe and Joe Calret's Mini Pin Max, won the teacup dog agility competition.
Most commonly affected breeds are Miniature schnauzers, Miniature poodles, Shi Tzu, Cocker Spaniel and Lhasapso (Ettinger and Feldman, 2005).