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1. An ancient village of central Palestine northwest of the Dead Sea. In the Bible, it was a meeting place and sanctuary for the Israelites and the site of a tabernacle where the Ark of the Covenant was kept until its capture by the Philistines.
2. A locality in southwest Tennessee east of Memphis. The Civil War Battle of Shiloh (April 6-7, 1862) ended in the withdrawal of Confederate troops but claimed more than 10,000 casualties on both the Union and Confederate sides.


(Placename) a town in central ancient Palestine, in Canaan on the E slope of Mount Ephraim: keeping place of the tabernacle and the ark; destroyed by the Philistines


(ˈʃaɪ loʊ)

1. a military national park in SW Tennessee: Civil War battle 1862.
2. an ancient town in central Palestine, west of the Jordan River.
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Noun1.Shiloh - the second great battle of the American Civil War (1862)Shiloh - the second great battle of the American Civil War (1862); the battle ended with the withdrawal of Confederate troops but it was not a Union victory
American Civil War, United States Civil War, War between the States - civil war in the United States between the North and the South; 1861-1865
Tennessee, TN, Volunteer State - a state in east central United States
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In the spring of the year 1862 General Buell's big army lay in camp, licking itself into shape for the campaign which resulted in the victory at Shiloh.
And then came the news that he was killed at Shiloh.
In January, Jolie took Shiloh and Zahara to Jordan to meet with Syrian refugees.
Shiloh has the ability to produce high-integrity, structural aluminum body, chassis and propulsion products across the three continents.
Things begin to go awry, however, when it comes to Shiloh.
Pax looked dapper in a black suit and grey shirt while Shiloh in a classy tuxedo was the Pitting image of parents Ange and Brad, 53.
His name was Wolfgang Droege and he was boss of Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Company of Farmingdale, New York.
Jimmy The Jetplane looked to have sealed victory with a clean jump at the last and, when Battle Of Shiloh made a mistake, his rider Adrian Heskin appeared to have settled for second.
The data will be used in our tool simulations to create dies that will operate with lower energy costs and shorter cycles, reducing waste and rejected parts," said Alex Reikher, technical fellow, research and development, Shiloh Industries.
In the course of his stern admonitions, Jeremiah emphasized that the Temple faced the same fate that had befallen the Tabernacle of Shiloh years earlier: For go to My place at Shiloh, where I first caused My Name to dwell, and see what I did to it because of the wickedness of My people Israel (Jer.
One year later, I'm back with my daughter Shiloh to see how life has been.
USS Shiloh dropped anchor in Subic Bay May 29 for a four-day port visit as part of an ongoing patrol in the region.