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Noun1.Shina - a Dardic language spoken in northern Kashmir
Dard, Dardic, Dardic language - any of a group of Indic languages spoken in Kashmir and eastern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan
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Iran and Armenia have boosted mutual cooperation on monitoring the river, witnessed by the launch of a joint committee for decision-making regarding the river, Shina Ansari, director of Pervasive Monitoring at Iran's Department of Environment told Trend July 29.
Inspector Khalid Khan further said that during the course of interrogation from arrested onesit was revealed that other three co-accused persons include Khalid, Jahanzib, and Shina were involved into robbery on motorway since long.
In a statement inked by its Group Head, Strategy & Communications, Shina Atilola and made available to newsmen over the weekend, the Bank stated that an aggregate stay beyond 56 days but not exceeding 90 days would attract a fee in the equivalent of USD200 at the same time as 91 days to 180 days will attract a fee equivalent to USD1,000.
5 of Telemis-Medical PACS Software II-49 ClearCanvas Introduces Cleome II-49 PANANOMICS Develops Speed&Safe II-49 NDSsi Introduces DomeAccess II-49 Heart IT Introduces WebPAX PACS and Universal Viewer 8 II-49 Medical Insight Launches EasyViz's New Enterprise PACS and Imaging Features II-50 Intelerad Adds New Products to Nuage Range of Cloud-Enabled Solutions II-50 Shina Releases 3DI PACS Solution II-50 GE Receives FDA Approval for Xeleris Software II-50 Intermountain Develops Enterprise-Wide Vendor-Neutral Archive II-50 Digisonics Unveils Structured Reporting Solutions and Enterprise PACS II-50 TMSI Introduces Medical Imaging Software Range under TouchPACS II-50 Avreo Unveils interWORKS Version 7.
Artists like Yussuf Grillo, Dele Jegede, Batunde Lawal, Shina Yussuf and Oboira Udechukwu are well noted (Oloidi, 67-68).
Tadashi Sekino, Shina Santo-sho ni okeru Kandai funbo no hyoshoku [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Tokyo: Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku, 1916), fig.
Attacking Congress for its criticism of Modi over the comments, BJP leader Shina N.
ANF Peshawar Road Check Team held 2 drug traffickers including Shina Gull and Misri Khan, residents of Kurram Agency near Parco Petrol Pump, opposite Kohat Bus Stand, Peshawar along with recovery of 9 Kg Chars concealed in their luggage.
The website also provides a platform to learn languages such as Pashtu, Gojri, Pahari, Dogri, Kohistani, Sheikhagal, Poguli, Shina, Bhaderwali, Ladakhi and Burushaki.
We want to meet the chief minister, Shina NC, myself and residents of Campa Cola, we don't want to disrespect law and Supreme Court.
Zaher Zamani who's in charge of the townships surveillance department in the Ministry of Urban Development says permission for a new township has been given only to one township Timur Shah in the Shina and Kamari area.
Unite''s nongreasy Shina Liquid is loved by Leona Lewis and Kim Kardashian.