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 (shī′nər, -när′)
In the Bible, a country on the lower courses of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.


(Bible) Old Testament the southern part of the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, often identified with Sumer; Babylonia


(ˈʃaɪ nɑr)

a land mentioned in the Bible, often identified with Sumer.
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VP Director of MDA Blood Services, Professor Eilat Shinar said: "Establishing the National Mother's Milk Bank will significantly enhance the resources required to treat premature babies and other newborns.
The shift is towards more grass roots level fintech evolution," said Ornit Shinar, Head of Citi Accelerator and Venture Investing.
In the village of Shestaya Rybka-Slobodsky and Maly Shinar villages in the Sabinsky districts of Tatarstan, works are underway to install metal structures for block-modular stores.
05pm) According to the biblical story, in the generations following the Great Flood, a united humanity came to the land of Shinar and built a city and a tower tall enough to reach Heaven.
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This organic semiconductor layer is placed between two electrodes, at least one of which is commonly transparent (Shinar and Shinar 2011, Thejokalyani and Dhoble 2012).
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The media representations of the suffering of opponents are highly important, given that the way media cover conflicts profoundly shapes the public perception of conflicts and their resolution (Galtung, 1998, 2006; Kampf & Liebes, 2013; Kempf & Shinar, 2014; Shinar & Bratic, 2010; Wolfsfeld, 2004, 2011).
Quinn's lawyer Lisa Shinar LaBarre sought a 10-year prison term.
Similarly, Shinar (2003) also observes that in situations of uncertainty, people turn to the media for guidance.
Shinar and Compton [16] investigated three types of behavior that are commonly characterized as "aggressive driving," namely, honking, cutting across one or more lanes in front of other vehicles, and passing on the shoulders.