n.1.A shingle; also, a slate for roofing.
v. t.1.To cover or roof with shindles.
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Called 'Learning on the Go - tips and trends in m-learning', the report contains contributions from specialist instructional designer, Valentina Piccioli; Francesco Minichini, of Cezanne on Demand, who has ten years of experience in international IT projects, management and human resources; Amol Shindle, an India-based e-learning professional; Cindy Pascale Vado, the CEO of the US-based e-learning courseware provider, Vado, and Josh Squires, the Chief Operating Officer of Docebo EMEA.
Fellow Team Genesis member Ed Shindle of Holden also works at Genesis Club and has his own source of satisfaction in running the race.
African American players and players who suffered muscle injuries had significantly lower levels," Michael Shindle, MD, lead researcher and member of Summit Medical Group, said.
Cunningham MW, Brown MA, Shindle DB, Terrell SP, Hayes KA, Ferree BC, et al.
She made news again when she sharply criticized Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1984, for posing nude for a magazine photo spread, and Kate Shindle, Miss America 1998, who advocated condom distribution in schools.
Of course, if the heroine is blonde, the super-conceited nemesis has to be a brunette, and here she's a Harvard Law student--an Eastern girl who "wears black when nobody's dead"--played by former Miss America Kate Shindle.
They do happen, but they happen infrequently,'' said Wendy Shindle, education and outreach coordinator for the U.
We have retained the services of the previous Delta manager, Don Shindle.
If someone like former Miss America Kate Shindle were in our corner promoting gay rights, I think there would be a chance that some good might result.
Miss America 1997, Kate Shindle, spoke to the crowd and outlined four steps that young people ("especially girls") need to follow to remain abstinent until Biblical marriage.
Perhaps she should listen to former Miss America, Kate Shindle.