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A religion native to Japan, characterized by veneration of nature spirits and ancestors and by a lack of formal dogma.

[Japanese shintō : shin, god (from Middle Chinese sɦin; also the source of Mandarin shén, spirit, god) + tō, dō, art, way; see aikido.]

Shin′to adj.
Shin′to·ism n.
Shin′to·ist adj. & n.
Shin′to·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.Shintoistic - relating to or characteristic of Shintoism; "Shinto temples"
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27) The widow of a Self-Defense Forces official who died on his duty sued the government and a shrine for damages, claiming that the government sponsorship of shintoistic apotheosis of her husband violated the constitutional provision commanding separation of state and religion, (28) thereby invading her right of religious personality.
Japanese Christianity in the Meiji era: an analysis of Ebina Danjo's perspective on Shintoistic Christianity, Transformation 25 (4) 2008, 195-204.