Ship carpenter

a carpenter who works at shipbuilding; a shipwright.

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References in classic literature ?
The idea as to how I might learn to write was suggested to me by being in Durgin and Bailey's ship-yard, and frequently seeing the ship carpenters, after hewing, and getting a piece of timber ready for use, write on the timber the name of that part of the ship for which it was intended.
During the voyage from Germany to Philadelphia, ship carpenter Bairn Bauer reunites with his Amish family after many years apart.
The Curacaoan ship carpenter on the 'Prins der Nederlanden' was called Daniel Gomez, was 33 year old, and had tattoos on both hands.
The better the economy fared, the larger were the number of schooners built and the work opportunities for ship carpenters.
Well worth visiting is the Hanseatic Museum, with tiny rooms built by ship carpenters so they resemble the cabins of a ship.
Once the marina starts to rent berths, businesses would follow - marine engineers, sail repairers, ship carpenters, rope workers etc, and then the young workers' scheme will follow, which means new jobs.
While important connections were made between the new industrial workers and the remaining ship carpenters in churches, temperance organization, and in politics, working-class power would prove to be short-lived in the postwar era.