Ship chandlery

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the commodities in which a ship chandler deals; also, the business of a ship chandler.

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We settled in Annapolis, where the Naval Academy is located, and with her money I opened a ship chandlery and boatyard, catering to weekend sailors on Chesapeake Bay, folks who enjoy the pretense of maritime danger in what are actually very expensive RVs that float.
The company utilises its global network, scale, advanced technology and purchasing strength to provide its customers with all types of ship chandlery products and services wherever and whenever they need them, creating transparency and efficiencies within the procurement process, as well as improving profitability.
Originally built in 1799 for use as Peter Schermerhom's ship chandlery, 241 Water Street is a 37,722 s/f office facility, which is comprised of a boutique 33,168 s/f, six-story office property, as well as an additional 4,554 s/f outside area that includes balconies and terraces.
Featuring five meter deep harbour basin, harbourmaster control, full customs and immigration facilities, ship chandlery, slipway, full service ferry terminal and Caltex fuelling facilities, it is a fully serviced port of entry into Egypt.