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also shi·vi·ti  (shə-və-tē′)
A decorative plaque inscribed with the Hebrew verse "I have set the Lord always before me" (Psalms 16:8), hung in synagogues and Jewish homes as a reminder of God's presence.

[Hebrew šiwwîtî, I have set (first word of the verse), from šiwwâ, to set, place; see šwy in Semitic roots.]


(Judaism) a Jewish plaque found in homes and synagogues and inscribed with Psalm 16:8
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Contributions may be made in his memory to: Talmud Torah of Hevron Israel; or Hevra Kadisha of Houston; or Kiviti HaShem and Shiviti HaShem Synagogues in Ofakim, Israel.
The three schools we visit are Benson Shiviti, Ndzalama and Hatshama in a town called Giyani.