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 (äg′nôn′), Shmuel Yosef 1888-1970.
Polish-born Israeli writer. His dramatic novels, written in Hebrew, include A Guest for the Night (1939). He shared the 1966 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Biography) Shmuel Yosef, real name Samuel Josef Czaczkes. 1888–1970, Israeli novelist, born in Austria-Hungary. His works, which treat contemporary Jewish themes, include The Day Before Yesterday (1945). Nobel prize for literature 1966


(ˈæg nɒn)
Shmuel Yosef (Samuel Josef Czaczkes), 1888–1970, Israeli novelist and short-story writer, born in Poland: Nobel prize 1966.
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Elle avait partage cette consecration mondiale avec l'ecrivain juif Shmuel Yosef Agnon.
Yehoshua; Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Nobel de Literatura en 1966; Etgar Keret; Zeruya Shalev y David Grossman, entre otros.
The Israeli author Shmuel Yosef Agnon came to Palestine from Galicia in 1908.
Shmuel Yosef Agnon (1888-1970) first saw light as Shmuel Yosef Tshatshkes in Butshatsh, a substantial shtetl in Galicia, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire but formerly southern Poland.
Munni, for example), and of Oz's early novels, his real enthusiasm is reserved for Shmuel Yosef Agnon, a master in whose books religion and the modern world coexist in a state of continual tension.