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n.1.A prop. See 3d Shore.
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These changes in the Heav'ns, though slow, produc'd Like change on Sea and Land, sideral blast, Vapour, and Mist, and Exhalation hot, Corrupt and Pestilent: Now from the North Of NORUMBEGA, and the SAMOED shoar Bursting thir brazen Dungeon, armd with ice And snow and haile and stormie gust and flaw, BOREAS and CAECIAS and ARGESTES loud And THRASCIAS rend the Woods and Seas upturn; With adverse blast up-turns them from the South NOTUS and AFER black with thundrous Clouds From SERRALIONA; thwart of these as fierce Forth rush the LEVANT and the PONENT VVindes EURUS and ZEPHIR with thir lateral noise, SIROCCO, and LIBECCHIO.
Khorgami Z, Shoar S, Laghaie B, Aminian A, Hosseini Araghi N, Soroush A.
Ademas, la transicion desde la condicion de trabajador por cuenta propia a la de empleador es muy poco probable (Banerjee & Duflo, 2011; Shoar, 2010).
Saeed Shoar [1], Mohammad Naderan [1] *, Motahareh Aghajani [1], Elaheh Sahimi-Izadian [1], Negin Hosseini-Araghi [1] and Zhamak Khorgami [1,2]
In an empirical study, Shoar, Abidin, and Pour-Mohammadi (2011) investigated that the students have got higher motivation toward language learning by using mobile.
The study of Higgins and Shoar Ghaffari (1994) was based on the Persian language textbooks in 1986-7 academic year.
We have a legitimate right to do it,'' said Sheriff David Shoar of St.
Shoar Hassan, Wells Fargo's Regional Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Global Financial Institutions, said, "Wells Fargo has been a longstanding supporter of National Bank of Fujairah and this latest development signals our ongoing commitment to one of the more recognisable names in the UAE banking sector.
Shoar, sergeant, Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Brevard County Jail Complex, Cocoa, Fla.
The recent incident involving Chinese fishermen has intensified tension between the Philippines and China, following a standoff between their vessels near the Scarborough Shoar in northern Luzon, which began in May 2012.
Wells Fargo has 12 team members now in the newly opened branch office, led by senior executive officer and regional manager - Shoar Hassan.