future shock

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future shock

A condition of distress and disorientation brought on by the inability to cope with rapid societal and technological change.

[After the book Future Shock by Alvin Toffler (born 1928) .]

fu′ture shock`

physical and psychological disturbance caused by a person's inability to cope with rapid social and technological change.
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A test vehicle with three different strain and shock level conditions in one board was used to identify the joint stability and failure modes.
It took about two years and two months for the Dow to recover the pre-Lehman shock level.
They can also automatically assess the victim's heart rhythm and choose the appropriate shock level.
But chairman Brian Quinn pledged that the shock level of debt wont stop boss Martin O'Neill's spending spree.
Chairman Brian Quinn pledged that the shock level of debt wouldn't stop boss Martin O'Neill spending.
The shock level of support for the action indicated that union leaders were right on the mark when they described the unprecedented level of anger among members.
These high performance separation devices provide the strength and flight heritage identical to Hi-Shear's standard pyrotechnic separation nuts, while providing the advantages of a 90% percent lower shock level.
An AutoSequence function is available for defibrillating adults and this function will automatically sequence the electrical shock level dictated by the American Hospital Association guidelines.
Shock Safeguard that shock levels are maintained so fragile items are handled with care.
The unit's MEMS sensing elements include over-range stops for protection to shock levels greater than 5,000 g.
8220;Farmers with a large amount of acreage to protect didn't have a good solution to adequately equip their electric fence with the necessary shock levels to contain their livestock or keep out predators, until the Power Wizard 24000 was introduced.
He added: "Although oil prices have topped EUR100 in nominal terms, when you put it in real terms and compare it to the oil price shocks of the 1970s, we're still far below shock levels.