n.1.(Railroading) A contrivance for throwing the track temporarily to one side for convenience in filling washouts or effecting other repairs.
2.(Print.) In some cylinder presses, a device with long fingers for freeing the sheet from the cylinder.
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In addition to the Jackson store, Alex & Lele jewelry is sold at Cicada in Oxford; Treehouse Boutique in Jackson; Carriage House in Gulfport; Clark Jewelry in Cleveland; Westside Studio in Hattiesburg, Willow Boutique in Rosemary Beach, Florida; Blue Hand Home in Wilmington, North Carolina; and Shoefly in Birmingham, Alabama.
Sustainable housing is a big problem," said Mary Anne Shoefly, a social worker with Anishnawbe Health Toronto.
Shoefly and colleague Walter Lindstone (Anishnawbe, Martin Clan) both work on Circle of Care, a new project at Anishnawbe Health Toronto to aid the Aboriginal people in the city who are homeless.