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A performer or enthusiast of shoegazing.
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The following 2m 4f Chase is a cracker and I take a chance on David Pipe's Shoegazer (3.
TWO NIGHTS BEFORE I met these guys, I went to see the noisy shoegazer band Weekend play a show and overheard two friends talking in the crowd: "Have you heard the Radio Dept?
It's dreamy shoegazer pop to leave you swooning with the highlight being Dream About Me.
There's a sense of gentle melodicism throughout Close to Paradise which infuses everything from West Coast harmonies and folk-pop strumming to shoegazer atmospherics and the building grandeur of Bends era Radiohead, while on The Great Escape Watson sits alone at his piano - the circling melody forms the basis of an impeccable lullaby.
The funereal tone persisted with Untitled (Grey Drain), 2004, a pointedly drab string of colorless plastic banners that recalls Fiona Banner's Black Bunting, 2001 and Shoegazer (Bonus Version), 2004, which combines a pencil drawing of a limp indie rocker with an ankle-height mirror seemingly lifted from a footwear store, a blowup of the cover of Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, in which the wayward musician's white socks glow with an otherworldly light, and an inverted image of Mussolini and his girlfriend hanging by their ankles.
With a sound that spans late 80s/early 90s shoegazer, Night Flowers, slick, cheery, indie guitar brand is pure and simply smile-aholic medicine.
Moreover, the band has always managed to maintain an edge, even when they drift into spacey shoegazer territory: There's always a rock undercurrent to the songs that helps give the songs shape and gives the listener something solid to grasp.
Entering the artist's recent exhibition at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery in New York, one was confronted by a wall with a small doorway roughly cut out of it, leading into the gallery's project room, which housed Shoegazer (Bonus Version), 2002-2004, a multipart installation.
MAPS - Vicissitude||THE latest album by electronic indie shoegazer James Chapman, who performs and records as Maps, is a likeable collection of songs, which frequently delve into darkness, but ultimately leave the listener in a wistful, positive mood.
Shoegazer shines The first running of the Josh Gifford Memorial Novices' Chase went to David Pipe's Shoegazer, who was winning for the eighth time when beating favourite Poungach by three and a quarter lengths in the hands of Noel Fehily.
David Pipe's Shoegazer can defy a penalty in the Mansfield Chad Novices[sup.
NADJA Truth Becomes Death (Alien8)--Not to rein on someone's opinion of this being shoegazer doom, I would simply put it in terms of Godflesh putting on doomgazer shoes, I've been following Nadja for some time now, from self-releases to this first label outing.