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 (sho͞o′gā′zĭng) or shoe·gaze (-gāz′)
A genre of popular music characterized by droning, electronically modified sounds, typically performed and listened to motionlessly with the eyes cast downward in introspection and often under the influence of psychoactive substances.
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We have released five tapes, a demo re-issue from Californian Shoegazers Ozean, a new release from Swansea indie rock band Suns, Leicester based indie band Lid have let us do a compilation of all the music that they recorded in the 1990s, Swansea experimental band The Rusty Nutz championed by Kerrang in 2000 returned with new music and we re-issued a demo from 1980s cult synthpop act Turquoise Days.
5Beloved Scottish shoegazers The Jesus and Mary Chain are on their second night at ABC in Glasgow on Wednesday.
National touring acts who'll be heading to the festival include Leeds rockers Forever Cult, Coventry singer-songwriter Jordan Mackampa, Chesterfield shoegazers Trash and anthemic indie seven-piece Flight Brigade, who performed at last year's Glastonbury Festival, will also play.
Dan O'Dell, Hide & Seek Records, said:"The compilation is primed for whetting the appetites of shoegazers, post-punkers, art-rockers and synthpop fans galore, with plenty more in between.
The Tyne Bar stage sees Shields joined by raucous pop punk four-piece Martha, chaotic post-rockers Schultz, dreamy shoegazers Figmennt and instrumental progressive metal outfit Kylver.
e Tyne Bar stage sees Shields joined by rau T -cous pop punk four-piece Martha, chaotic postrockers Schultz, dreamy shoegazers Figmennt and instrumental progressive metal outt Kylver.
The sound, no doubt aligned for more sedate acts, was never loud enough and the same Swim Deep BIRMINGHAM TOWN HALL REVIEW could be said of the 24-piece choir which joined the Second City shoegazers on Soul Trippin.
Wrexham's finest shoegazers The Revolutionary Spirit wear their influences on their sleeve and are all the better for it.
Your music in one sentence: "Punk, soul, jazz, neo classical trance for shoegazers.
Asobi Seksu - Hush More dreamy indie-pop from the New York-based shoegazers.
The album influenced both future shoegazers and IDM bands, and its best track, "Blue Skied an' Clear," later became the title of a Morr Music tribute disc.
The balance of the album is filled with melodic soundscapes and Electrelane-like shoegazers, each equally as compelling as any of the vocal cuts.