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Noun1.Sholem Asch - United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yiddish (1880-1957)
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In a Broadway season that puts both Sholem Asch and Shimon Peres onstage as characters, the most powerful, fierce Jewish figure of them all may be neither the writer nor the Israeli politician.
Then again, Kerry Wallachs paper turns the perspective around by looking at the dark and pessimistic images of Jewish life in America that three popular works of fiction--by Joseph Roth, Sholem Asch, and Michael Gold--presented to Weimar Jewry in the late 1920s, consequently leading to an documented decline of immigration attempts.
Indecent" is the word critics used to describe the 1923 production of "The God of Vengeance," when the Yiddish play by Sholem Asch moved uptown from the Village.
48) Based on the novel by Sholem Asch, which Schwartz himself directed in his theater during the 1930-31 season, (49) the film centers on the figure of a Jewish clothing magnate who transports his entire shied to New York's Lower East Side to fill his factory with cheap labor (50) Though Uncle Moses can speak English and amasses a great wealth in the Golden Land, both his philosophy of life and business practices are rooted in the ways of the old country.
Her selection thus begins with nineteenth-century realist writers such as Sholem Asch and, on the Polish side, the Polish Positivists.
For a number of popular writers addressing ethnic relations--figures such as Sholem Asch Rachel Davis DuBois, and Louis Hazam--the very diversity of the city neighborhood, with its haphazard mix of races and nationalities, supplied the nutrients for community and national health, but only when blended according to a particular recipe.
Hoffman's book explores the intensive effort to reclaim Jesus for the modern Jewish community through a detailed analysis of the writings of such leading Jewish scholars of the period as Moses Mendelssohn, Abraham Geiger, Heinrich Graetz, and Kaufman Kohler, as well as Yiddish writers, often quite secular in their orientation, such as Chaim Zhitlovsky and Sholem Asch, whose works are largely unknown in dialogue circles today and who were deeply connected with the East European effort to develop a modern Jewish cultural identity.
In both fide and content, it offered a deliberate riposte to the nostalgic image of harmonious shtetl life created by Sholem Asch (1880-1957) in his immensely popular 1904 novella of the same title.
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Asch, the immigrant son of novelist Sholem Asch and a lifelong devotee of socialism and multiculturalism, after the former and before the latter was fashionable, founded Folkways Records on May Day, 1948.
Uncle Moses, which originated as a novel by Sholem Asch, similarly warns against greed and exploitation.
He also translated works of Sholem Asch, Hermann Broch, and Lion Feuchtwanger.