n.1.The skin of a sheen after the fleece is shorn off, as distinct from the morling, or skin taken from the dead sheep; also, a sheep of the first year's shearing.
2.A person who is shorn; a shaveling; hence, in contempt, a priest.
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CHARMING TAIL OF FAMILY AND DOG Pedigree Mum by Fiona Gibson Happily married with two young children, Kerry Tambini is thrilled when her Aunt Maisie offers to sell them her seafront home in the posh resort of Shorling at a ridiculously low price.
Moore SR, Lima AA, Shorling JB, Barboza Jr MS, Soares AS, Guerrant RL.
Inger Shorling (Greens/EFA, Sweden), another member of the Environment Committee, regrets that "due to lack of time, the European Parliament has been left out of this key debate".