Show box

a box xontaining some object of curiosity carried round as a show.

See also: Show

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working who "It makes more sense to live in this beautiful place on the water than in a show box in London.
com, at the show box office, or by calling 954-441-3220.
Enter "Required Production" as the criteria for Category and uncheck the Show box.
Subscribers can also avail themselves of free HD Zapper box or get 50% off on HD DVR Show box Admin Fee for Premier Plus HD package with installation and free dish accessories.
Simply snip out the voucher printed on this page, and take it with you to the show box office.
The space is divided by stalactite-shaped board cuttings that transform the room into a show box or window shop.
Four types of wedding cakes, and replicas of an ancient church, table, clock tower, nemo fish, show box, welcome cake, Christmas tree, lighthouse, flower basket, Barbie doll, and porcupines were also put on show.
A man bends over to peer into a peep show box, revealing a tear in the seat of his pants that offers a bawdy view of his backside to a grinning woman sneaking a peek behind him.
EVERY time a US trade delegation comes to Beijing or the city holds a major international event, it is noticeable how many of the city's pirated DVDs get whisked away by shopkeepers to a back cupboard, leaving only black and white movies from the 1940s and local TV show box sets on suddenly bare selves.
Remember, these were the days of DEC PDP11-based machines with a 20Mb hard drive the size of a show box.
The two years will give us a chance both to work in other existing venues in the city and to create site-specific pieces of work such as the innovative show BOX that we created on the city-centre canal network two years ago.