Show box

a box xontaining some object of curiosity carried round as a show.

See also: Show

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Tickets are $7 at the door, $4 online, $2 for Seniors 65+ with a valid ID at the show box office.
Children aged 15 and under get free admission but you must request free child tickets at the show box office to gain entry.
If you teach middle or high school students, you may have resources available to be able (such as a school darkroom or local photographer) to process photo paper for show box pinhole cameras
Children 15 and under get in free, request free child tickets at show box office to gain entry.
The Dubliner stepped out yesterday for the launch of former Xpose presenter Lisa Cannon's movie show Box Office, which airs for the first time tonight.
Johnvic forego his show box to concentrate on volleyball, he has shown leadership and handwork,' said Acaylar of the former St.
The authors carefully recount Roth's process including her use of "storyboards, visual research, and inspirational items collected in a show box.
The final field is YrWhere: Year(dtSale), with the Criteria set to 2015, the Total set to Where, and the Show box unchecked so the field does not appear in the query results.
working who "It makes more sense to live in this beautiful place on the water than in a show box in London.
Subscribers can also avail themselves of free HD Zapper box or get 50% off on HD DVR Show box Admin Fee for Premier Plus HD package with installation and free dish accessories.
Simply snip out the voucher printed on this page, and take it with you to the show box office.
The space is divided by stalactite-shaped board cuttings that transform the room into a show box or window shop.