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A member of a US secret fraternal order that is not Masonic but that admits only Knights Templars and 32nd-degree Masons as members.

[After the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, , their fraternal order.]


(ˈʃraɪ nər)

a member of a fraternal order that is an auxiliary of the Masonic order.
[1885–90, Amer.]
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In honor of his deep love for his companion animals (Pepi, Maggie and Sasha) and the Shriner charities, please send donations in lieu of flowers to: Best Friends (www.
com/) Sherry Shriner ," a group that preaches a "new world order" and discusses topics like the coming alien invasion of the United States.
Steve Behe, chairman of the Board of the hospital, said he was "proud to be a Shriner and proud of what our hospital has done over the past 35 years.
Another Lauderdale kid, writer-director Wil Shriner, 52, recently turned in his Woodland Hills house keys to move back home.
Warren was the fourth generation of a well-known pulp and paper family to be a member of TAPPI and was an active Mason and Shriner.
Bader Rutter's Associate Creative Director Bob Shriner concepted the commercial along with writer Karen Larson.
According to Brenda Shriner, assistant manager at Laramie's Fireside Lounge, where on that fateful night Shepard met McKinney and Henderson, the murder made its mark on business.
President and CEO, Rick Shriner, says that Hotrail design can handle "four memory transactions when the Intel system is dealing with one.
To provide that care takes a lot of money and those hospitals depend on local Shriner clubs like the one here in Williamson County to help provide that financial support.
com)-- Mark Shriner joins Wordbee after nearly 30 years of success as a Sales Director, Coach, and CEO in the Asian market at such companies as The Big Word and CLS Communications (a Lionbridge company).
The tabs are sold for scrap metal by the Aleppo Shrine, based in Wilmington, according to West Boylston resident and Shriner William Peterson.
Certified Hawaii has been a great partner and their management team has consistently provided an amazing depth and breadth of support for the hospital," said Donald "Zeke" Schmus, a Shriner of the Aloha Temple who serves as the Aloha Temple's Donor Relations Committee and hospital's Public Relations Committee.