Shy-Drager syndrome

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Shy-Dra·ger syn·drome

n. Shy-Drager, síndrome de, enfermedad neurodegenerativa vista en personas de edad media y mayores de edad, que afecta el sistema nervioso autónomo y se caracteriza por hipotensión crónica ortostática, con pérdida del conocimiento, impotencia, incontinencia y arrítmia cardíaca.
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3 Formerly these were synonymous as sporadic olivopontocerebellar atrophy (sOPCA), striatonigral degeneration and Shy-Drager syndrome respectively.
MSA, previously referred to as Shy-Drager syndrome, is a rare, rapidly progressive neurodegenerative disorder with an estimated prevalence of 3.
Multiple System Atrophy is a Rare Disorder Support, education, research and advocacy are important because multiple system atrophy (formerly known as Shy-Drager Syndrome) is so rare (affecting approximately 50,000 Americans) that few patients, prior to diagnosis and few physicians have any knowledge of the disease.
This article is part 3 in a series that I have written for the Townsend Letter on Shy-Drager syndrome, also known as multisystem atrophy (MSA).
DSP), initially received Japanese approval in 1989 for the treatment of frozen gait and dizziness on standing associated with Parkinson's Disease and for the treatment of orthostatic hypotension, syncope or dizziness on standing associated with Shy-Drager syndrome and Familial Amyloidotic Polyneuropathy.
Abstract: Shy-Drager syndrome, one type of multisystem atrophy, is considered a Parkinson's-plus syndrome.
He had been suffering from Shy-Drager disease for many years.
For years Cash has been battling Shy-Drager Syndrome, a nervous system disorder that makes him extremely susceptible to pneumonia.
1) In 1996, McBrien et al reported a case of bilateral vocal fold paralysis in a patient with Shy-Drager syndrome who had sought treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.