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 (sĭ-bā′lē-əs, -bāl′yəs), Jean 1865-1957.
Finnish composer whose romantic nationalistic works include the symphonic poems Finlandia (1899) and Valse Triste (1903).


(Biography) Jean (ʒan). 1865–1957, Finnish composer, noted for his seven symphonies, his symphonic poems, such as Finlandia (1900) and Tapiola (1925), and his violin concerto (1905)


(sɪˈbeɪ li əs, -ˈbeɪl yəs)

Jean (ʒɑn, yɑn) (Johan Julius Christian Sibelius), 1865–1957, Finnish composer.
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Noun1.Sibelius - Finnish composer (1865-1957)
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Sibelius, himself a fine violinist, starts the work at a gallop and maintains momentum all the way through.
With their thicker strings, richer and deeper sound, you'll hear cellos playing both the harmony and melody of one of music's best known symphonies, Sibelius III.
Contract notice: The new organ the sibelius academy of kuopio.
The concerts given by Sir Simon and his fine musicians, which took us through the seven symphonies by Sibelius and Mahler's "Resurrection" symphony, were rapturously received by audiences and critics.
NEW YORK and LONDON, August 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The van Tulleken Company announced today that it represented the shareholders of Sibelius Software Ltd.
In the Chair recently signed a partnership with Sibelius Software Ltd, developers of the world's leading music notation software, to distribute and further develop the software.
Among the larger projects are the Finnish Forest Research Institute in Joensuu, which is the biggest office building in Finland, and the Sibelius Concert Hall in Lahti by Kimmo Lintula and Hannu Tikka, both of which have loadbearing timber structures.
One such example is the Finnish maestro Paavo Berglund who, for more than 30 years, has been a premier champion of the music of his fellow countryman, Jean Sibelius.
For four decades the Heifitz recording of the Sibelius Violin Concerto has stood as a benchmark.
The musical reputation of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)--deified in the Twenties and Thirties by conductors and public alike, declining markedly in the Forties, and hitting a very deep bottom from the Fifties on--has taken another turn.
A final release of piano music from OLYMPIA is the first volume in the Complete Piano Music of Sibelius (OCD 631) performed here by the British pianist, Annette Servadei, at Christ's Hospital in Horsham.
Vamos, in collaboration with his long-time designer Michael Scott, has created a powerful drama to a selection of rather obscure compositions by Jean Sibelius.