Sibuyan Sea

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Si·bu·yan Sea

A sea in the central Philippines bordered by southern Luzon, Mindoro, and the Visayan Islands.
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Facing the majestic Sibuyan Sea, another unique feature of the property are its exclusive white sand beaches that provide guests serenity sans the crowd.
To view the photo gallery, click here American billionaire and explorer Allen announced the find of the Musashi -- one of the most sophisticated battleships ever built -- in the Sibuyan Sea in the central Philippines eight days ago, after a high-tech mission lasting eight years.
The 72,800 tonne Japanese battleship was sank by US warplanes in Sibuyan Sea on October 24, 1944.
Recently, American billionaire and Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen announced that the wreck of the Musashi was found in the Sibuyan Sea at about a depth of one kilometre using a remotely operated vehicle.
The billionaire has tracked down The Musashi which has lain 3,280ft down in the Sibuyan Sea for 70 years.
That vessel collided with a tanker in the Sibuyan Sea in December 1987, killing 4,375 on the ferry and 11 of the tanker's 13-man crew.
Its sister ship, the Musashi, went down in the Sibuyan Sea a few months earlier, again only without air support and unable to maneuver.
Allen and his team located the battleship in the Sibuyan Sea on March 1, 2015.
This data was used to eliminate large areas for the search team and also resulted in the discovery of five new geographic features on the floor of the Sibuyan Sea.
The Sibuyan Sea where the Musashi was reportedly found is at the heart of the Philippines' central Visayas islands, and is home to busy shipping lanes.
Immediately after Typhoon Fenghsen on June 21, some 350 bodies were recovered near the ship that floated upturned in Sibuyan Sea.
Hagupit's sustained winds dropped to 140 kilometres an hour on Sunday, then continued to weaken after leaving the eastern Philippine islands and passing over the Sibuyan Sea southeast of Manila.