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 (sĭk′əl, sĭs′-)
n. pl Sicel, or Sic·els
1. A member of a people inhabiting Sicily in ancient times.
2. The language of the Sicel, known from a small number of inscriptions and glosses in Greco-Roman texts and probably belonging to the Indo-European language family.

[Greek Sikelos, probably of autochthonous Sicilian origin; probably akin to Egyptian Škrš and Akkadian Šikala, a sea-faring people who raided the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean in the late Bronze Age.]
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Let me persuade you, for it will be much better to put them on board ship and send them off to the Sicels to sell for what they will bring.
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The detail about the war is probably influenced by the historic tradition, according to which Tibur was a Sicel city conquered by the Aborigines (cf.
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Ducetio, Sicel and helenised warlord, is the visible head of a movement that canalised the social and political expectations of Sicels, who have been excluded from government and controlled by Greek interests.
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The medical device expands Sicel Technologies' portfolio, because the DVS-HFT dosimeter is specifically calibrated for use with radiation therapy protocols that give patients higher single doses of radiation over a shorter period of time compared to conventional radiation therapy.
Life Sciences/Bio-Tech/Med-Tech Company of the Year: Sicel Technologies
Life Sciences/Biotech/Medtech Company of the Year: Aldagen, Biolex, Sicel Technologies, and Cornerstone Biopharma.
The Company was founded in 2006 by Robert and Claudia Black (two of the founders of Sicel Technologies) and Suzanne Babcock (former VP of Troxler Electronics) and is headquartered in the Park Research Center in RTP.
The use of innovative technologies like DVS to adequately report dose delivery to payers enables radiation oncologists to utilize therapeutic advances that help optimize treatment on an individual patient basis," says Michael Riddle, President and CEO for Sicel Technologies.