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n.1.A shekel.
The holy mother brought five sicles and a pair of turtledoves to redeem the Lamb of God.
- Jer. Taylor.
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But the crowds that had turned up for the Fin de Sicle night meant we had slipped through the safety net.
Born into an affluent, traditional American family, Cassatt (1844--1926) was a genteel rebel--choosing a career as a full-time artist, traveling and living abroad, and participating in the artistic life of fin de sicle Paris.
by virtue of its commission for Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation, takes seriously its 1990 commitment (Grundaberzeugung) in Seoul, namely, that God is on the sicle of the poor (second of ten affirmations), the question of ecumenical conversation and text mediation must be reconsidered.
The SICLE (Local Information and Substation Control System) project is one of the largest and most advanced substation automation projects of its type in the world; GE Harris is pleased to have successfully completed all factory acceptance testing by our customer and shipment of the systems to Mexico," says Brent Strader, Vice President of Operations.
There is a grand chandelier, fresh lilies in the window ("We don't do plastic") and a distressed antique dresser that looks like it has been plucked from a fin de sicle Provenale villa.
The next section, 'Au sicle des Lumieres: Sappho et la mondanite', shows how Fontenelle's portrayal of Sappho in his Dialogues des morts (1683) as a 'mondaine qui devisait sur les rapports des sexes' (p.
Entre justice et justiciables: les auxiliaires de la justice du moyen age au XXe sicle, Quebec, Presses de l'Universite Laval, 2005.
L'attitude des soldats qui tirent sur les communards evoque une autre sicle de tableaux que Manet a consacree en 1867 a l'Execution de Maximilien.
This research team, Manuscrits Italiens du 18e sicle (Italian Manuscripts of the 18th century) is leaded by Christian Del Vento (supervisor for this project) and it will focus on methodological aspects and on controversial case studies, among which the manuscript Alfieri 13.
It had, in truth, a rather fin de sicle air to it - much as the demise of a man once thought of as a future Labour leader provides an apt metaphor for his party's decline and fall.