Side grafting

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a mode of grafting in which the scion, cut quite across very obliquely, so as to give it the form of a slender wedge, is thrust down inside of the bark of the stock or stem into which it is inserted, the cut side of the scion being next the wood of the stock.

See also: Grafting

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adventitious root bench grafting bridge grafting cleft grafting clone hardwood cutting herbaceous stem cutting in vitro interstock leaf-bud cutting leaf cutting micropropagules polarity root cutting rootstock scion semi-hardwood cutting side grafting softwood cutting splice grafting whip-and-tongue grafting
Major types of grafting techniques include splice grafting, whip-and-tongue grafting, cleft grafting, bench grafting, side grafting, and bridge grafting (Fig.
Cut off all its branches at a point where they are about two inches in diameter, and using cleft, bark, or oblique side grafting, put on scions of the desired variety.