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A swimming stroke in which a person swims on one side and thrusts the arms forward and downward alternately while performing a scissors kick.
intr.v. side·stroked, side·strok·ing, side·strokes
To swim with a sidestroke.

side′strok′er n.


(Swimming, Water Sports & Surfing) a type of swimming stroke in which the swimmer lies sideways in the water paddling with his arms and making a scissors kick with his legs



n., v. -stroked, -strok•ing. n.
1. a swimming stroke in which the body is turned sideways in the water, the hands pull alternately, and the legs perform a scissors kick.
2. to swim the sidestroke.


Swum on the side with arms thrusting downward and backward alternately; legs do a scissors kick.
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Noun1.sidestroke - a swimming stroke in which the arms move forward and backward while the legs do a scissors kicksidestroke - a swimming stroke in which the arms move forward and backward while the legs do a scissors kick
swimming stroke - a method of moving the arms and legs to push against the water and propel the swimmer forward
scissors kick - a kick used in the sidestroke; legs are brought together in a scissoring motion


[ˈsaɪdstrəʊk] Nnatación f de costado
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Elsewhere he described his side-stroke instructor as 'the aboriginal representative of Australia [and] that the over-arm side stroke originated with him' (Referee, 7 November 1894, p.
A New York City Fire Department (FDNY) dispatcher went far above and beyond the call of duty when she stayed on the phone for eight hours to help pinpoint the location of an East Side stroke victim.
The basic technique of the two main strokes, right side stroke or forehand and left side stroke or backhand, is learned in the beginning on small court and by increasing the game distance continuously finally reaching the base line game.