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 (shĕn-kyā′vĭch, -kyĕ′-), Henryk 1846-1916.
Polish author. He is best known for Quo Vadis? (1896), set in ancient Rome, and for his works based on Polish history, including With Fire and Sword (1884). He won the 1905 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Polish ʃɛŋˈkjɛvitʃ)
(Biography) Henryk (ˈxɛnrik). 1846–1916, Polish novelist. His best-known works are Quo Vadis? (1896), set in Nero's Rome, and the war trilogy With Fire and Sword (1884), The Deluge (1886), and Pan Michael (1888), set in 17th-century Poland: Nobel prize for literature 1905


(ʃɛnˈkyeɪ vɪtʃ)

Henryk, 1846–1916, Polish novelist: Nobel prize 1905.
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