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 (sə-făk′ə, shĭ′fäk′-)
Any of several diurnal arboreal lemurs of the genus Propithecus of Madagascar, having a long tail and very long legs used for leaping long distances from tree to tree.



(Animals) either of two large rare arboreal lemuroid primates, Propithecus diadema or P. verreauxi, of Madagascar, having long strikingly patterned or coloured fur: family Indriidae
[from Malagasy]
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Colne Valley Boys with their musical director Thom Meredith and, below, Colne Valley Male Voice Choir and Colne Valley |Boys with Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band at Huddersfield Town Hall, last December Photo by Lendl Sifaka
This as yet unnamed crowned sifaka lemur is Belfast Zoo's latest arrival.
This forest is home to Sifaka lemurs: white, fluffy primates, with very long hind limbs that enable them to bound from tree to tree like forest kangaroos.
An aye aye, above and, below a sifaka with Dr George McGavin
Animal specimens were obtained from various species of ruminants and rodents, a horse, a raccoon, and a primate, Verreaux's sifaka (Propithecus verreauxicoquereli).
Ringtailed lemurs, above, and Verreaux Sifaka lemurs, left
Tahina the Sifaka lemur was dumped by her mum, but is now waited on hand and paw at the Musee de Besancon Zoo, France
For example, sifaka (SHIF-auk) lemurs living in the northwestern deciduous forests mostly eat leaves.
A makeshift trail was cut far up a slippery hill home to the worldAAEs few hundred remaining silky sifaka lemurs.
Montana State University: "Silky Sifaka," a documentary on the behavior, ecology and conservation of one of the most endangered lemurs in Madagascar.
Deep Jungle (ITV1, Tuesday) is a new wildlife documentary using the latest equipment to bring us stunning pictures of some of the rarest creatures in the world, like the Sifaka lemur, a giant moth and a bird which attracts his mate by doing a Michael Jackson moonwalk.