close down

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close down

vb (adverb)
1. to cease or cause to cease operations: the shop closed down.
2. (General Sporting Terms) (tr) sport to mark or move towards (an opposing player) in order to prevent him or her running with the ball or making or receiving a pass
3. a closure or stoppage of operations, esp in a factory
4. (Broadcasting) radio television Brit the end of a period of broadcasting, esp late at night
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Verb1.close down - cease to operate or cause to cease operating; "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M."; "close up the shop"
adjourn, retire, withdraw - break from a meeting or gathering; "We adjourned for lunch"; "The men retired to the library"
يُغْلِقُ نِهائِيّايَنْتَهي البّثُّ الأذاعي
přestat vysílatzavřít podnik
adás: az adás véget ér
hættahætta útsendingu
skončiť vysielaniezastaviť prevádzku
faaliyetini durdurmakkapanmakkapatmakyayını bitirmek

w>close down

(business, shop etc)schließen, zumachen (inf); (factory: permanently) → stillgelegt werden
(Rad, TV) → das Programm beenden; programmes close down at about 12Sendeschluss (ist) gegen 24 Uhr; we’re now closing down for the night(und) damit ist unser heutiges Programm beendet
vt sep shop etcschließen; factory (permanently) → stilllegen


(kləuz) verb
1. to make or become shut, often by bringing together two parts so as to cover an opening. The baby closed his eyes; Close the door; The shops close on Sundays.
2. to finish; to come or bring to an end. The meeting closed with everyone in agreement.
3. to complete or settle (a business deal).
a stop, end or finish. the close of day; towards the close of the nineteenth century.
close down
1. (of a business) to close permanently. High levels of taxation have caused many firms to close down.
2. (of a TV or radio station etc) to stop broadcasting for the day (noun ˈclosedown).
close up
1. to come or bring closer together. He closed up the space between the lines of print.
2. to shut completely. He closed up the house when he went on holiday.
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Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design software, today announced Exar Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR) has adopted the Tekton(TM) static timing analysis and QCP(TM) extraction software to accelerate sign-off and engineering change order (ECO) flows for 40-nanometer systems on a chip (SoCs).
He could delegate that duty, says Hundert, and "we could simultaneously delegate the sign-off function further down the line," he adds, describing any number of areas this domino-effect delegation of power could revise.
5) The results show that the percentage of premature sign-off is highest in the internal control system, other inventory work and payroll phases.
If tenants' complaints relate to MCI work, under this new policy statement 96-1, the complaint can be resolved on the basis of a municipal "sign-off," or if the complaint does not relate to the subject of the sign-off, it can be resolved by the affidavit of an independent licensed architect or engineer.
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