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a. & n.1.a. & n. from Sile to strain.
Siling dish
a colander.
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Red siling labuyo (cayenne pepper) has a wide range of health benefits.
Jimmy devoted a chapter of his book to explain how red siling labuyo and raw eggs can keep one healthy.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1) Polyster Webbing Siling Qty: 80 No 2)Polyster Webbing Siling Qty: 80 No 3)Polyster Webbing Siling Qty: 30 No 8)Null Qty: Null Null
But the rain prevented most of them from proceeding to Barangay Siling Bata in Pandi, said Lea Maralit, Kadamay chair for Bulacan province.
CHINESE sharp shooter Yi Siling wrote herself into the history books at London 2012 - while Malaysia's Nur Suryani Mohammed Taibi was thankful she didn't.
While Chinese shooter Yi Siling emerged as the first gold medal winner in the London 2012 Olympic Games, Albanian weightlifter Hysen Pulaku becomes the first athlete to fail the doping test and to be ejected from the mega-sporting event.
In conjunction with Per-Arne Blomquist's appointment, the current head of the Group's financial function, Jan Siling, will move to a position as Senior Adviser to the Group's CFO.
For Jomar Balderama and Mary Jane Sorro, the newly crowned 'Sili King' and 'Sili Queen,' joining the Hot-aw sa Kaonan (chili eating contest) during the 'Magayon' Festival meant eating bowls of Bicol Express and Laing made spicier than usual by loads of siling labuyo (chili peppers).
If the produce do not continue to be planted or the cooking traditions kept alive, they will soon be gone, Chit Juan explained, specifically mentioning as an example cooking methods like pinikpikan and products like the siling labuyo.
Tenders are invited for Chain Siling:Two Legged Alloy Chain Siling To Is:2760/1980 Gr.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Chain Siling:Two Legged Alloy Chain Siling To Is:2760/1980 Gr.