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also Syl·va·nus  (sĭl-vā′nəs)
n. Roman Mythology
A god of forests, fields, and herding.


(sɪlˈveɪnəs) or


(Classical Myth & Legend) Roman myth the Roman god of woodlands, fields, and flocks. Greek counterpart: Pan
[Latin: from silva woodland]
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Noun1.Silvanus - (Roman mythology) god of woods and fields and flocksSilvanus - (Roman mythology) god of woods and fields and flocks; Pan is the Greek counterpart
Roman mythology - the mythology of the ancient Romans
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In shadier Bower More sacred and sequesterd, though but feignd, PAN or SILVANUS never slept, nor Nymph, Nor FAUNUS haunted.
Paul Midgley, trainer of Silvanus He's been great all year and ran well last time in a conditions race.
SILVANUS can be another decent sprint winner for trainer Paul Midgley when taking the feature event at Ripon.
Silvanus actually had to play second fiddle to Line Of Reason at York in July and then carried the steadier of 9st 12lb to victory at Catterick on his latest start.
Midgley has enjoyed plenty of success this term with the likes of Line Of Reason and Monsieur Joe, and Silvanus has shown he is no slouch either.
Midgley sprinter Silvanus is no slouch SILVANUS can be another decent sprint winner for trainer Paul Midgley when taking the feature event at Ripon tomorrow.
The main danger could be Paul Midgley's Silvanus who has a terrific record at Musselburgh and tends to show his best form in the month of June.
JHARKHAND has produced many legendary hockey players, including Olympians Jaipal Singh, Manohar Topno and Silvanus Dung Dung.
Recently the Economist caught up with self-made artsmen, 23-year old Silvanus Mushimba, a Vocational Training Centre student who, after many setbacks, still manages to continue making a name for himself in local arts circles.
Residents living on the volcano's slope should take refuge to places located two to three kilometers away from the crater," ANTARA quoted head of the Sikka district disaster mitigation body (BPBD) Silvanus Tibo as saying.
However, on the possibility of an actual Petrine circle including Mark and Silvanus (1 Pt 5:12, 13), or, as he speaks of it, a "Petrine school," at Rome, H.
The conference's panel discussions included "The Future of Online Education for HBCU's," where participation by Ezell Brown, Founder and Chairman of Education Online Services Corporation was requested by John Silvanus Wilson, Jr.