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Noun1.cigarette case - a small flat case for holding cigarettescigarette case - a small flat case for holding cigarettes; can be carried in a purse or a pocket
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
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This pledge was, however, only a smoothly planed piece of wood the size and thickness of a silver cigarette case.
At the Tehran Conference, for example, when Churchill showed his cigar case engraved by fellow Conservatives in 1925, and Roosevelt produced his silver cigarette case engraved by Harvard graduates of 1904, Stalin showed his silver cigarette case from Count Karoli, given by the Budapest Jockey Club in 1910.
KEY ASSETS | |Two pure cut and polished blue diamonds (cufflink size) - PS1 million each | Three-bedroom flat in Peckham - PS850,000 | Del Boy's lock-up in Peckham (Trotter's Garage) - PS25,000 | Del's classic Ford Capri - PS25,000 | The three-wheeled 1967 Reliant Regal Supervan III - PS5,000 | Del's Gold 'D' 9 carat necklace - PS469 | Grandad's silver cigarette case from the Zulu War - PS150 | Del's 1981 Casio watch - PS150 | | Uncle Albert's service medals Star of Italy and Atlantic Star - PS57 | Inheritance of PS145,000 each (PS290,000)
Four hit his leg, one his hand, and one his chest, which was stopped by the silver cigarette case.
Wyndham used to ride for Sir Harry Llewellyn, of show-jumper Foxhunter fame, and although he was a non smoker, Sir Harry presented him with an engraved silver cigarette case after he had won six races for him on his River Picnic.
Among 24 lots to be auctioned there were also Liverpool County FA medals, a bronze plaque from a tour match to Stuttgart in 1936, Blackpool Hospital Cup medals and a silver cigarette case monogrammed with the initials HC.
In 2006, Mr Cummings featured in The Journal again in a story about a silver cigarette case which was given to him by his late brother Fred after the war.
The attackers stole his wallet with cash and cards inside, a watch and silver cigarette case.
Some of the more unusual items on display in the museum include a certificate for The Queen's Award to Industry, dated April 21 1974, signed by Harold Wilson, a David Brown silver cigarette case and a picture of a gleaming red and gold 'Agrimaster' tractor painted by the design department in November 1961.
Other objects include a silver cigarette case, embossed with an eagle clutching a swastika and Hitler's initials.
Other objects include a large silver cigarette case with a starting price of 9,500 pounds.