Silver owl

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(Zool.) the barn owl.

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Crumlin, Max sneaks out at night to visit a rare, endangered silver owl found gravely injured.
lA mixed reception for Christer Segner after he rides Silver Owl (Ron Smyth) to victory over Cathos (David Wilson/Henri Vande Veuer) in the Moet & Chandon amateurs' Derby at Sandown (Epsom is being rebuilt), as he gets a four-day ban for overuse of his whip.
During that time he had sold them a number of items, including a silver owl, a diamond ring and some strawberry dishes.
FLYING HIGH: A pair of Victorian silver owl peperettes to be offered at Anthemion Auctions on November 7.
A Brighton treble for Willie Carson as Prince Hannibal (John Dunlop) beats Doolar in the 10-furlong maiden, Silver Owl (Ron Smyth) pips Barrish (Reg Akehurst/John Reid) in the mile-and-a-half handicap, and Green Dollar (Eric Wheeler) outruns Sharlie's Wimpy (William Pearce/Dennis McKay) in the sprint handicap.