silver point

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sil′ver point`

the melting point of silver, equal to 960.8°C, used as a fixed point on the international temperature scale.
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Derman was previously a senior trader with Aristeia Capital and Silver Point Capital.
The bank's investors are believed to be Wall Street financiers Blue Mountain Capital Management, Silver Point Capital, Cyrus Capital Partners, GoldenTree Asset Management and Anchorage Capital Group.
M&S Collection silver kitten court shoes, PS35 Office Martini silver point mule kitten Heels, PS65 KITTEN HEEL MULES The style: Backless leather or suede in neutral tones, they're the most minimal of all.
Edgar Evins State Park (on the Peninsula), Silver Point, Tn.
Silver Point Capital is a registered investment adviser focused on credit and special situations investments.
Contractor address : Silver Point, Airport Service Road
The company submitted a revised debtor-in-possession agreement on Thursday upping the offer for a loan from Silver Point Capital LP, from $3 million for $4-1/2 million.
According to the regulator, Nexstar, its unit Mission Broadcasting Inc, CCA and Silver Point Partners LP need to divest their stakes in WEVV-T, because their combined market share in the city of Evansville will reach 60% from around 42%.
The bank's other major investors, which include hedge funds such as Perry Capital, Beach Point Capital and Silver Point Capital, were not immediately available to comment.
Radiographic examination revealed presence of a radio-opaque filling suggestive of silver point obturation irt 31 and 32 with a diffused periapical radiolucency in the same region (Fig 2a).
But bondholders, including US hedge funds Aurelius Capital Management and Silver Point Capital, will take control of the bank under the new plan, which will see the bank listed on the stock market next year.
In a scheme first set out last month, the Co-op has bowed to the demands of a group of bondholders including US hedge funds Aurelius Capital and Silver Point Capital and agreed to a restructuring which will leave it with a 30 per cent stake.