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n.1.(Zool.) A small North American fresh-water cyprinoid fish (Notropis Whipplei).
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Starting now we will call them by their restaurant name, silverfin.
SilverFin and other books in the Young Bond series by Charlie Higson are the adventures of James Bond as a boy.
The 10 books are: * Alex Rider Mission 3: Skeleton Key - Anthony Horowitz (2002) * Candyfloss - Jacqueline Wilson, illustrated by Nick Sharratt (2006) * Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney (2008) * Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - J K Rowling (2003) * Horrid Henry And The Football Fiend - Francesca Simon, illustrated by Tony Ross (2006) * Mr Stink - David Walliams, illustrated by Quentin Blake (2009) * Private Peaceful - Michael Morpurgo (2003) * The Series Of Unfortunate Events: Austere Academy - Lemony Snicket (2002) * Theodore Boone - John Grisham (2010) * Young Bond: SilverFin - Charlie Higson (2005)
Higson's return to television comes some five years after he made a name for himself as the author of the young James Bond series, which began with SilverFin and earned him a place in the bestsellers list.
Rowling, Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson, Raven's Gate' by Anthony Horowitz and Silverfin by Charlie Higson.
Which TV comedy actor and writer is the author of Silverfin and Blood Fever, books about the young James Bond?
Following on from the huge success of Silverfin, Blood Fever is the second in this exciting series.
Charlie Higson's sensational children's book Silverfin (Puffin pounds 6.
Take Louis to Edinburgh Book Festival to see The Fast Show's Charlie Higson talk about his book Silverfin - the young James Bond, which Ian Fleming's family commissioned him to write.
Assembly Rooms, Aug 5-29 (not 15CHARLIE HIGSON AS well as being one of the Fast Show's stars, Higson has also written SilverFin, a novel about James Bond as a boy.
SILVERFIN is a fine young James Bond tale in which the lad shows glimpses of the cool spy, but just as often displays young teen bravado to hide a lack of confidence.
Let's hope they're right -- though I suspect that before the trend really catches on in this country, marketers will have to replace "Asian carp" with the fish's more palatable name, silverfin, in the consumer mindset.