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Any of various black flies of the genus Simulium, several species of which transmit the parasitic filarial worms that cause onchocerciasis.

[New Latin Simulium, genus name, from Latin simulāre, to simulate; see simulate.]


(Animals) a blood-sucking, tropical fly of the genus Simulium
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Noun1.simulium - type genus of the Simuliidae: blackfliesSimulium - type genus of the Simuliidae: blackflies
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Simuliidae, Simuliidae - blackflies and sand flies
black fly, buffalo gnat, blackfly - small blackish stout-bodied biting fly having aquatic larvae; sucks the blood of birds as well as humans and other mammals
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2009) para predefinir los gremios troficos (GT) de los nueve generos mas abundantes (Anchytarsus, Cricotopus, Simulium, Tipula, Andesiops, Camelobaetidius, Leptohyphes, Anacroneuria y Smicridea) teniendo en cuenta las siguientes categorias: i) Fragmentadores con contenido de MOPG [mayor que o igual a] 35% (tamano de las particulas 50 [my]m 1 mm), ii) Recolectores con contenido de MOPF [mayor que o igual a] 65% (tamano de las particulas < 50 [my]m) (Cheshire et al.
It is transmitted through repeated bites by black flies of the genus Simulium.
The disease is spread by Simulium damnosum which breads in fast-flowing waters like dams and rivers.
2004) reported the presence of Simulium silvestre, an ornithophilic species, at Rankin Inlet, as well as other ornithophilic species (e.
To date, the only black fly species from which nematode DNA has been isolated is Simulium tribulatum, which is endemic to southern California (5).
De acordo com LUTZ (1922) apud (D'ANDRETTA e D'ANDRETTA JUNIOR, 1945) as pupas de Simulium orbitale Lutz (1910) tem preferencia em se fixar nas Podostemaceas, pois estas apresentam um papel central no fluxo de energia nos ecossistemas, sendo importantes na cadeia trofica dos ecossistemas aquaticos amazonicos (BOTERO et al.
Primera descripcion del habitat acuatico de Simulium guianense s.
5) The vectors that transmit L toddi in raptors are assumed to be ornithophilic species of blackflies of the genus Simulium, which inject sporozoites into the avian host.
1) With a much broader distribution range, Onchocerca volvulus is transmitted by Simulium species black flies and causes onchocerciasis with chronic skin and eye infections in about 37 million people in endemic areas of Mexico, Central and South America, West and Central Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen).