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A winged creature of Iranian mythology in the form of a gigantic bird, sometimes with a dog's face and a lion's claws, depicted as a benevolent being using its wisdom and magical powers to provide help.

[Persian sīmorġ, from Middle Persian sēn murw, from Avestan saēna- mərəγa- : saēna-, a kind of raptor (probably an eagle or falcon); akin to Sanskrit śyenaḥ, eagle, falcon + mərəga-, bird; akin to Sanskrit mṛga-, deer (from Proto-Indo-Iranian *mr̥ga-, animal).]
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Simurgh, of Arabian fable -- omnipotent on condition that it do
In this collection, he describes a group of birds (individual human souls) under the leadership of a hoopoe (spiritual master) who determine to search for the legendary Simurgh (phoenix) bird (God).
Such European zoomorphic vessels are based on Sasanian or Islamic prototypes, and this creature is really a magical simurgh of ancient Iran--hence its inclusion in the Islamic sale.
La Simurgh est encore loin mais les Oiseaux de Attar continuent de voler pensant sans doute a cette parole de Faulkner qui disait que " notre reve doit etre assez grand pour ne pas le perdre de vue en cours de voyage.
This work was inspired by the work of the Persian poet Farid Ud-Din Attar, and describes a group of birds (individual human souls) under the leadership of a hoopoe (spiritual master) who search for the legendary Simurgh bird (God).
The peacock is also linked to the simurgh, the mythical giant female bird featured across the spectrum of Asian mythologies; strong enough to carry an elephant, this otherwise benevolent and fantastic raptor-like creature nests on the Cosmic Tree.
Each of the birds comes up with an excuse to reject the Simurgh (name of a mythical bird) in order not to begin this difficult path.
Simurgh: A benevolent, mythical flying creature, the Simurgh is considered to represent the union between the Earth and the Sky, serving as mediator and messenger between the two.
Simurgh standalone proxy, has been widely used in Iran to bypass web censorship and to
In one Tabriz painting, depicting Rostam's father Zal, an albino hero raised from infancy in the nest of a mythical bird known as the simurgh, details of the fantastical creature's feathers are rendered with microscopic precision,.
In translations of poetry, the Persian word simurgh is often used for luan to distinguish it from the feng.
A meticulous analysis of a single phrase or verse, supported by scholarship in Italian, French, German, and Spanish, leads him to connections that seem preposterous and yet are plausible; he thus brings Dante into conjunction with the Persian poet and mystic Farid al-Din 'Attar ("The Simurgh and the Eagle") or explores the links between Dante and the Venerable Bede ("Dante and the Anglo-Saxon Visionaries") and does so with meticulous erudition combined with imaginative boldness--a rare combination at any time.