Sin offering

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a sacrifice for sin; something offered as an expiation for sin.

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Lucas Beaumanoir hath settled that the death of a Jewess will be a sin-offering sufficient to atone for all the amorous indulgences of the Knights Templars; and thou knowest he hath both the power and will to execute so reasonable and pious a purpose.
This is fit for kings, and rich men who represent kings, and a false state of property, to make presents of gold and silver stuffs, as a kind of symbolical sin-offering, or payment of black-mail.
I have kept that in mind, and I have heard something that may relieve you on that score-- may show you that no sin-offering is demanded from you there.
On this passage, see further Bernstein who notes that the text interrupts a section on skin diseases, and implies that even those who unintentionally violate laws of purity need to bring a sin-offering (1996:44-45).
But the Psalmist reminds us that words of gratitude are not enough, any more than giving God "sacrifices and offerings, burnt offering and sin-offering.
Immolatus vicerit" from "Pange lingua" of Fortunatus is an exultant hymn rejoicing in the Sin-Offering of the Cross.
In claiming that "there is no suggestion of a sin-offering in Lev 6:23," Swanson must have consulted an English translation instead of the Masoretic text.
During a seven-day period of ordination, Aaron and his sons were to eat a part of the goat of the sin-offering each day.