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 (sī-năn′thrə-pəs, sĭ-, sī′năn-thrō′pəs, sĭn′ăn-)
A genus name formerly used for the fossil remains known as Peking man.

[New Latin Sīnanthrōpus, former genus name : Sino- + Greek anthrōpos, human being.]


(Anthropology & Ethnology) a primitive apelike man of the genus Sinanthropus, now considered a subspecies of Homo erectus. See also Java man, Peking man
[C20: from New Latin, from Late Latin Sīnae the Chinese + -anthropus, from Greek anthrōpos man]
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Noun1.sinanthropus - genus to which Peking man was formerly assignedSinanthropus - genus to which Peking man was formerly assigned
hominid - a primate of the family Hominidae
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Contract notice: Procedure open to assign services of catching stray dogs and cats, sinanthropus and wildlife roaming within the territory of the asl avellino.
The collection published in 2004 (Teilhard de Chardin 1923-1940 [2004]) includes no reference at all to Eoanthropus in the context of Sinanthropus ('Peking Mari', Homo erectus).
Since the 1890s one such potential cradle was the east, and by 1945 the remains of at least 17 individuals of Pithecanthropus were known from southeast Asia, (6) allowing Le Gros Clark to conclude that this phase of human evolution in the far east was `becoming rapidly removed from the field of speculation' and forward a `lumping' perspective that Davidson-Black's Sinanthropus pekinensis should be incorporated within the genus Pithecanthropus (volume 14: 1).