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n.1.(Ethnol.) A native of Sind, India, esp. one of the native Hindoo stock.
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Eight defendants were sentenced to life behind bars - including Alsayed Murtadha Al Sindi who was branded a global terrorist by the US on March 17 last year.
Tenders are invited for Construction works for the opening of sindi dams and artificial floodplain
RIYADH: Saudi inventor, scientist and entrepreneur Hayat Sindi is a woman who sees the potential in young people to effect social change in a positive way.
Besides this, it also offers short courses in Punjabi, Sindi, Pashto and Baluchi.
Proposed changes to Texas' Medicaid program, intended to cut costs, could result in medical complications that hurt the vulnerable people served by the Medicaid program and cost the state more in the long run, write Sindi Rosales and Donna Stahlhut of the Epilepsy Foundation Texas.
The driver Mohamed Rashid Hifzullah, passenger Dilovan Sindi and a woman presented three British passports to officers.
lt;BMohamed Rashid Hifzulla and, below, Dilovan Sindi
Among the appointed, Saudi Founder and President of the Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity, Hayat Sindi.
No wonder Thula Sindi, the wunderkind of South African fashion, is poised to take over the world with a plan to set up shop -- literally
Barzani was accompanied on his tour by Suroor Barzani's national security adviser, Fuad Hussein, chief of the Presidium of the province and Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning and Salahuddin Babacar Minister of Electricity.
The decision was announced during round table discussions held by the executive administration of Arqaam, led by Chairman Sami Sindi, Chief Executive Officer Riad Meliti, Chief Operating Officer Dennis Wijsmuller, in addition to Radi El-Helw and Sherif Heshmat, who were recently hired to lead Arqaam's financial intermediation operations in Egypt.
Visando a obter alternativa tecnica e economicamente viavel, foi proposta a utilizacao da cana-de-acucar e ureia, para vacas em lactacao das racas Guzera e Sindi, em relacao a recomendacao tradicional da regiao, quando se utiliza o capim elefante com farelo de soja.

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